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Zmijewski decided to persuade a former World War II concentration camp prisoner to "renew" his prisoner number, tattooed on the man's forearm. We see Zmijewski talking to Józef Tarnawa, a 92-year-old former prisoner of…
8 1/2 Bottles

8 1/2 Bottles

The film describes my journey and encounter with the refugees of Al Amari camp. It tracks 8/9 individuals, all with various fates and desires, thus the metaphor of 8 ½ bottles. At the beginning of the film, I arrive on…


A documentary about Zbigniew Kołakowski who got as a teenager to two concentration camps in Germany.


Diary of an 88 Temples Pilgrim.
88 MHz

88 MHz

A documentary about a sightless theatre journalist who sees art not through his eyes but through his heart.
89 Millimetres

89 Millimetres

The railway tracks in Belarus are 89 millimetres winder than elsewhere in Europe. Belarus is situated right beyond the border of the new EU. Some say, Belarus is home to the last dictatorship in Europe. A young German…
9 Lives

9 Lives

At least 9000 young people in Germany live on the streets. Nearly 2000 of so called "street kids" live in Berlin. They come from different parts of Germany but also from Kazakhstan and Kosovo and other countries. The…
91st Kilometre

91st Kilometre

A chronicle of Estonia in the year 2009. The basis of the film is a parallel drawn between the age of the Republic of Estonia on one hand and places at a certain distance from the capital of the country on the other: 91…
95 And 6 To Go

95 And 6 To Go

An unlikely and touching creative collaboration begins when a frustrated filmmaker visits her life-affirming ninety-year old grandfather in Hawaii.
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