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The War of Chimeras

The War of Chimeras

A story of war, love and death documented by those who were there.
The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs

The film shows how the war on drugs is being waged by examining the situation in Colombia and the United States. Under a large offensive named Plan Colombia, coca and poppy growing areas are sprayed on a huge scale to…
War on Women

War on Women

A single mom goes on a global quest to reveal a network of organizations behind the recent rise of the ultra-conservative movement.
The War Reporter

The War Reporter

The War Reporter is a portrait of events that occurred during the 1991 aggression in Croatia, which changed the lives of its citizens. This film is not an iquiry into historical truth, but the author’s personal truth.…
Warsaw Available

Warsaw Available

Ania, Gosia and Ilona live in villages located far away from each other. Ania wants to be a hairdresser, Gosia dreams of leaving her town where she seems to have no future prospects. Ilona just wants a better life for…
Warshaw, a Look From the East

Warshaw, a Look From the East

A documentary about Warsaw, from a special point of view.
War Tourists

War Tourists

The main topic is battle reenactment groups in Europe and the insight perspective of their activities. We have special interests in German participants. In Germany they are not allowed to wear nazi uniforms and nazi…
Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore

Cross-media project which tells a story of a myth created around a sunken city and villages which was flooded in the 60s during the construction of the biggest artificial reservoir in Europe in Soviet-occupied Ukraine.
Wastecooking  –  Make Food, Not Waste

Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization a third of all food produced worldwide is thrown away. How can we stop thiswaste? Author and cook David Gross goes on a road trip through Europe.
Water Children

Water Children

Filmmaker Aliona van der Horst follows the trail of the unconventional Dutch-Japanese pianist and artist Tomoko Mukaiyama who made a huge work of art on the theme of womanhood and fertility. She created a cathedral-like…
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