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Year without Magor - Genius Cannot Be Faked

Year without Magor - Genius Cannot Be Faked

The film portraits the eventful life of Ivan Martin Jirous, called Magor, a Czech poet, journalist and art critic. Magor was known for working with the indie rock band Plastic People of the Universe. During…
Yes, Death!

Yes, Death!

In bunker-like premises in Moscow, a neo-fascist organisation has its headquarters. Here young people gather around common concepts and around a general dissatisfaction with Russian society of the day. Attacks are…
Yes I Am!

Yes I Am!

When Flame was sixteen, he left his parents' place to live in a home where he learned the gangsta trade.When Mamadee was ten, the GDR collapsed, dashing her dreams of wearing the Thälmann pioneers' red scarf. When Adé…
Yiddish Blues

Yiddish Blues

A truthful and untamed documentary about the Budapest Klezmer Band. Minor conflicts, major confessions, great laughs and lots of Klezmer music - it`s difficult to remain seated!
Yodok Stories

Yodok Stories

In North Korea, over 300.000 men, women and children languish in Nazi-style concentration camps, routinely subjected to torture, rape, beatings and starvation. Most, even young children, will never leave. One of the…
You Are Not Alone...

You Are Not Alone...

May 2008, Hargita In Székely County the election campaign is in full swing. Politicians come and go. The people stay.
You Have No Idea How Much I Love You

You Have No Idea How Much I Love You

What does the word "love" really mean?
Your Brother Cain

Your Brother Cain

He is a murderer. He was sentenced to death and spent 37 months waiting for his death. There he went through a spiritual transformation and turned into a true believer, a son of God.
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