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Two - Four - Five

Two - Four - Five

This film is about two brothers Jovan and Shilja who breed high flying pigeons. They are very successful in competitions, but it is their love for the pigeons that keeps them going and that they would like to pass onto…
Two Frames Dogma  (a.k.a. Dead Film Manifesto)

Two Frames Dogma (a.k.a. Dead Film Manifesto)

In order to answer a film workshop attendant's question about the borders of film (beyond which film becomes something else and is no longer a film), the tutors were urged to establish a dogmatic decision on said borders
Two Hearts

Two Hearts

The camera observes young couples during the production of their wedding videos.
Two Highways

Two Highways

The guru of the Leningrad underground, Boris Koshelokhov, has come up with a plan to create one of the biggest works in the history of art: a 5000 square meter painting. The preparatory stages of his project are…
Two Homelands

Two Homelands

Dos Patrias tengo yo: Cuba y la noche…
Two Hours to Happiness

Two Hours to Happiness

"More than 70,000 Estonians live and work in Finland, at the same time as their families, parents, children and homes are in Estonia. Moonika Siimets’s new documentary film Two Hours to Happiness talks about adjusting…
Two Love Stories

Two Love Stories

A visit to two Roma couples in Kosova opens up a parallel world both at the margins and in the midst of Kosovar society. Snapshots from a circle of life, love, labour and loss intertwine to tell very different kinds of…
Two Masters of One Margarita

Two Masters of One Margarita

Albert Einstein and Sergey Konenkov had a lot of things in common - the search for the absolute matter and love to the same woman. Her name was Margarita. In 1945 she was called back to Moscow. It was the end of her 10…
Two Nil

Two Nil

At a football stadium in the very heart of Prague the biggest Czech football match of the year is about to take place. The live broadcast begins. This time, however, the twenty-two film cameras are not aimed at the…
The Two of Us

The Two of Us

This documentary is meant to open a window, overcoming prejudice and intolerance, into the lives of Cristi and George, two young men whose only “crime” is that they are deeply in love...
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