80 min

In production

Better to Go Mad in the Wild

Raději zešílet v divočině

Directing: Miro Remo


A feature documentary Better to Go Mad in the Wild introduces the lives of protagonists representing three generations of modern day hermits: twins František and Ondra Klišík, herdswoman Martina and aging maverick Mirek. Against the backdrop of the changing cycle of nature, we find out about their experiences and decisions, which led them to live an isolated life away from civilisation for more than a decade. For a period of one year film observes protagonists lives – spring, summer, autumn, winter – four seasons mirror rise and fall, joy and sorrow.
The film is a deep dive into the mysterious corners of the human soul; a survey into long-term solitude and isolation; an expedition into a parallel world which, despite its apparent remoteness, poses very uncomfortable questions about our own reality. It is an intimate quiz set in the magical environment of the Bohemian Forest; an exploration of our ability to take life-changing decisions and deal with the consequences.
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