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Shaman VS Putin

Шаман против Путина

Directing: Beata BubenecMikhail Bashkirov


This documentary is dedicated to the life and journey of Alexander Gabyshev, an uncommon Yakut shaman. He had a revelation from God that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is a demon and has to be exorcised from the Kremlin to create a new and brighter era in Russia and around the world. For that, the shaman needs to reach Moscow by 2021. For now he is embracing the bright path God told him to follow: to cross the whole country by foot, walking 6,000 miles from Yakutsk to Moscow.

The shaman has set out on his journey in the spring of 2019. Along the way he was joined by some like-minded people, with his followers reaching the number of 30 by the end of summer. Simultaneously, Russian authorities saw the danger of the growing popularity of this movement empowered by social networks. The shaman was arrested near the Baikal lake, on September 2019, and sent back to Yakutsk. He was accused of extremism and of being mentally ill. He was facing the risk of ending up either in Russian jail, or a madhouse. However, the shaman took it in stride, deciding this was just another stage of his journey that will take his visibility to the next level. Indeed, repressions against the shaman just added to his popularity and raised his profile both at home and abroad. The shaman is an active user of modern media and was even featured in international press by The New Times, BBC, The Guardian and others. At last, he was released and charges against him was abandoned. But it's certainely not the last pitfall he will have to face.

The shaman intends to continue his journey from where he was arrested, near Baikal lake. But the persecutions he is suffering push him to abandon the bright path and embrace the dark side of the Shaman.


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