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The Boundaries of Fidelity

Hranice nevery

Diana grew up in communist Czechoslovakia, where a culture of oppression and secrecy was also present in partner relationships. Love affairs and whispers about children whose fathers are different from the official ones remained engraved on her subconscious mind. Skepticism about marriage led her to look for forms of relationships other than the generally accepted monogamous model. One day, however, Tomáš showed up and the hormones undermined her resolutions. Out of blue, they had a child, then another, and ultimately got married, too. The wedding was peculiar and without a white dress, though. Over some time, old doubts began to rear their ugly head and awakened behaviour patterns that are not in line with the family life we imagine.
Diana and Tomáš are from families, in which infidelity played its essential role. Subconsciously they accepted it and regarded it as normal. But how to abandon behaviour encoded in genes? In their desire to protect their family, Dia and Tom experiment, trying to figure out how to have a functional, fulfilling relationship in dangers of the 21st century. What is fidelity and what is already beyond its limits? How to prevent the urge to have more, just because we can, despite we have more than enough? Diana is looking for answers from her friends, who decided to choose their own path, from experts, as well as people who have experienced infidelity and share their experience with her. While looking into the world's realities about infidelity and own relationship, the inner side of the family, Diana reveals a long-hidden family secret. Infidelity with its consequences takes on a new dimension. It shakes the foundations of the main character's identity and makes viewers think about what makes us who we are. The Boundaries of Fidelity is an intimate documentary about fragility of a happy partner life. It is about finding oneself in relation to others, and about our society, changing from generation to generation at the speed of light.
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