In development

Happily (un)Faithful

Šťastne (ne)verní

Diana - the movie director - is married with two children. Having recently been married, she and her husband find themselves in the midst of the partner crises of their close friends. Infidelity is present all over their social circle. In the meantime, Diana also discovers that her relationship with her husband is not as strong as she thought.

Why so many people cheat even in a functioning relationship? How do we deal with infidelity in a way that doesn’t destroy the lives of everyone in the family? Can we work with our tormented emotions?

In the midst of scepticism caused by the people around her, Diana travels to explore the cultures which differ in their understanding of sexual fidelity. She looks for answers among friends as well as experts and wonders about human sexuality. She tries to find out why it is so attractive to have an affair yet so hard to accept it from the partner.

The movie Happily (un)faithful talks about the ego of an individual as well as about our society, its double moral standards, as well as modern imperative to be happier than happy.

The movie is a probe to human psyche as well as hypocrisy of the society we live in.
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