In production

Dark Side of Strength

Temná strana síly

Kamil Fila is a respected film critic. His texts are considered daring, funny and intellectually demanding. We can assign him boldly among the Czech intellectual elite. However Kamil is not just that; he is also a weightlifter, a regular visitor of the gym and a co-owner of the company for special food supplements. It all offers us one of the least expected connections of today's time, a bundle of intellect and muscles. Kamil has decided to do bodybuilding for several years taking a cocktail of forbidden drugs and anabolic steroids with many side effects at the same time.
Our film is not only an observation of an attempt to transform a human being exposed to the continuous training and use of chemical substances, but primarily, it is a contemporary and provocative testimony of the male identity crises at the beginning of the 21st Century.
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