Post production

THE TAP TAP - Lust for Life (working title)

THE TAP TAP - Postiženi Muzikou (pracovní název)

What would you do with your life, if you knew that you have much shorter time ahead of you than an average people? Members of The Tap Tap ­ a music band of physically disabled ­ or rather crippled ones as they would call themselves ­ have a pretty clear idea. They want to live and enjoy every single minute of it. And their band­master has also one clear idea ­ to make them the greatest band in the world. Lust for Life is a road movie, following a "rock star lifestyle" of The Tap Tap members. They drink, smoke, enjoy themselves. And as rock stars, their lives are short. Their diagnoses are in many cases progressive, that means they don't know when the end comes. But they don't care about pity and remorse. They overcome obstacles with a great sense of humor. Black humor that makes anybody who does not know them well feeling a bit uncomfortable.
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