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All These Walls

All These Walls

The documentary "All These Walls" observes the current militarization of the border zone between the Baltic States and Russia, where the states of security and danger seem to overlap and merge into an inseparable mass.


Ice-hockey is not just some sport. It's related to the culture, politics and society of Czechs and Slovaks like no other! Chase looks for these connections in talks with witnesses of past dark times and moments of glory.
Listen to the Dove Singing

Listen to the Dove Singing

In a village among mountains, a man is accused for stealing goods from his neighbors. Due to no proof, he remains free.
Pripyat Piano

Pripyat Piano

What we would be able to see, if we could hear better? The story of a tragedy told by sounds, music and lyrics. Abandoned pianos standing in the Chernobyl Zone.
The Tragic Ones

The Tragic Ones

A short documentary about two fixed gear riders who take part in the European Cycle Messenger Championships. Friendship, freedom and bikes is what counts for them the most.
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