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Climbing Higher

Climbing Higher

Climbing Higher tells a story of rugged determination and of overcoming human limits. Radek Jaroš is the first Czech and only the 15th person in the world to have completed the Crown of the Himalayas, the world’s...
Into the Clouds We Gaze

Into the Clouds We Gaze

A gentle love story from the harsh environment of northern Bohemia. Women pass through Ráďa’s life as quickly as tuning meets. The only constant is his Ford Escort, which isn’t exactly in best shape but means everything…
Long Live Hunting!

Long Live Hunting!

The documentary is a focused view into the core of game-keeping and hunting passions in its central European form, but also depicts commercial hunting in Africa and Greenland. The heroes of the film are 3 strong…
Velvet Terrorists

Velvet Terrorists

Three men longing to become heroes. During the 80s, they decided to fight the communistic regime in Czechoslovakia. Three stories about the thin line between defence and offence, courage and chance, presence and past...…
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