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Holy Cow

Holy Cow

How a cow from Europe almost started a revolt in Azerbaijan
Out of Fashion

Out of Fashion

Fashion designer Reet Aus has the ambitious plan to change the world. The film follows her on her mission around the world to create cutting edge fashion out of the trash material of the industry.


A former female fighter and radical ideologist of the Tamil Tigers is determined to find her comrades, tell the unknown story of the female fighters and face her own dark past.
Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon

The film searches for dreams and hopes people put into space explorations in the times of cosmic spring. What were they imagining to find? What drives the relentless ambition of human mind to escape to outer space today?
The Trial - The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov

The Trial - The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov

A documentary about Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, arrested by the Russian FSB in Crimea and sentenced to 20 years in prison on contrived charges.
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