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We are epicenters of the earthquake

We are epicenters of the earthquake

The earth is scorched; trees are dying; species are becoming extinct; rivers are drying up. Human interventions have thrown the ecosystem off balance. The irreversible changes will have a devastating impact. A trip of a…
We Have One Heart

We Have One Heart

After his mother dies, Adam comes across some letters his parents exchanged years ago. He uncovers an extraordinary family secret.


After a long break, brilliant artist and director - Bogdan Dziworski is back making a new film.
Weiyena - The Long March Home

Weiyena - The Long March Home

Two family histories, one century and two metropolises merge in one person: Weina Zhao, whose parents called her “Vienna" – Wéiyěnà – because they emigrated to Austria.
White Cube

White Cube

Carrara is an Italian town famous for white marble extraction. It is a uniquely preserved world. Contemporary engineering has the shaken foundations of this town. Gradually, human touch is being lost.
White on White

White on White

White on White is director Viera Čákanyová’s video diary that she kept while staying at the Polish Antarctic station, where in 2017 she shot the film FREM (2019), whose main character was an artificial neural network.…
Wolves at the Borders

Wolves at the Borders

Wolves are back: a blessing or a curse? They have returned. They steal and kill. They bring fear to some and hope to others. They divide our society. Wolves are back!
Women's Day

Women's Day

The lives of women living through a convulsive era of historical and social change. It provides a unique insight into Russian feminism.
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