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War Tourists

War Tourists

The main topic is battle reenactment groups in Europe and the insight perspective of their activities. We have special interests in German participants. In Germany they are not allowed to wear nazi uniforms and nazi…
Wastecooking  –  Make Food, Not Waste

Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization a third of all food produced worldwide is thrown away. How can we stop thiswaste? Author and cook David Gross goes on a road trip through Europe.
Water Children

Water Children

Filmmaker Aliona van der Horst follows the trail of the unconventional Dutch-Japanese pianist and artist Tomoko Mukaiyama who made a huge work of art on the theme of womanhood and fertility. She created a cathedral-like…


What to do with the widest waterfall in Europe?
Water from Grain

Water from Grain

The poetry of Water from Grain grows out of an apparent contradiction stemming from its seeming timelessness while it plays out on the clearly recognizable outskirts of Vienna in the years of 2011 and 2012. Josephine…
Waves and Vibes

Waves and Vibes

An elderly couple married for four decades has decided to divorce in their golden years - the wife's path has taken her to the waves of God and cosmic energy, but the husband stays in the iron clutch of science.
Wave vs. Shore

Wave vs. Shore

Wave vs. Shore is a documentary about the extraordinary generation of Slovak photographers, who got together at FAMU in Prague at the beginning of the 1980s and enriched the fine art photography by unconventional...
Wax and Feathers

Wax and Feathers

A sensitive, impressive collage of intimate reflections, detailed observations, fragments of memories, and visual and musical allusions conducts an imaginary dialogue about how memory works and identity construction…


The pigs gobble everything up, be it a hen, an egg, a man or odds and ends. But everything can be saved, and that's exactly what stove-setter Gábor Petrohai does. He puts a lot of energy collecting all these old…


A Road movie describing one day of a small Russian boy`s life of the eleventh century. He is on his way to his ill horse and soldiers came to his village to baptise the local pagants. But the great historic event for…
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