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Ex Oriente Film

3rd Ex Oriente Film Session: Market, Here I Am!

1st Ex Oriente Film Session: Find Your Way – Vision, Space and Storytelling

2nd Ex Oriente Film Session: Production and Story Development

East Silver

East Silver Caravan

Silver Eye

DOK Leipzig Selection

Polish Docs Selection

Doc Alliance Selection

Silver Eye Award

Oppose Othering!

East Silver Delegation at IDFA Docs for Sale

East Doc Platform

Czech Docs... Coming Soon

East Doc Interactive

East Doc Forum

East Doc Market

East Doc Shorts


Czech Docs

Panel of Upcoming Czech Documentary Films

Catalogue of Upcoming Czech Documentary Films

Czech Docs Evening


Crossed-Out Warsaw

Crossed-Out Warsaw

Join us on a walk through the city of Warsaw that had never existed and experience a brilliant vision of Polish modern architects who were stopped by World War II from building their dream capital.
Forgotten War

Forgotten War

Let’s follow a war guide, who can take you to an area of East Ukraine and show you the consequences of the war from the locals’ perspective and their personal stories.
Twin Marilyn

Twin Marilyn

What if the clues to Marilyn Monroe’s mysterious death were to be found in Twin Peaks? And what if it was up to you, to piece all the clues together?
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