Robin Pultera

Czech Republic

Robin Pultera


Fresh Memories

Have you ever imagined how would your place look like if it suddenly appeared in the middle of a war? Mixed reality project Fresh Memories uses the latest VR/AR technologies to take you inside your own apartment/house, which is transformed before your eyes into a soon-to-be-
invaded place during the ongoing war in Ukraine. You as the protagonist first explore the slowly changing apartment equipped with different objects reminding us the Ukrainian culture (AR mode). Then you step out of your flat to the destroyed town (VR mode) and you find the artifacts that unlock the stories of people who have lost their home or even died during the war in Ukraine.

In the first memory, we see a neighbor, Roman, who barricaded himself in his house and just happened to survive the bombing on a couch in the corner of his living room. We experience the bombing and the disintegration of the apartment directly with Roman. In the next story, we
delve into the story of the soldiers who recount how their colleagues had an improvised wedding in one of the shelters, however the groom was shot dead three days after. The third story takes us to a local television studio that has been taken over by Russian troops. With a local journalist, we follow the establishment of Russian propaganda. The last story talks about the emigration by a group of people leaving Ukraine by train. However, during their escape, the train is hit by a Russian missile.

After we experience these stories we return back into our appartment (AR mode) to calm down from what we have just experienced. But we find out that our flat is in ruins - debris are everywhere so you can hardly recognize your place. Is it real? Is it a dream? Or did your story become the next fresh memory.
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