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The New Greatness Case

Novoye Velichie

Režie: Anna Shishova-Bogolubova


Anya and Masha dreamt to make life in Russia better. Now they are imprisoned by fabricated charge of extremism. Their parents are fighting the State for their lives. The State they used to honestly believe in.

10 young dreamers, among them were Masha (19) and Anya (17), wanted to make life
in Russia better. They discussed Russian politics, ecology and other social issues in Internet.
Once an older guy, let’s call him – “Mister X” - joined them and offered his help. He rented a room, wrote a Charter and established an organization with catchy name “The New Imperium”. Right after that they all with the exception of “Mister X” were arrested. They are accused of attempt to overthrow existing State system. Now they are imprisoned and torched to make confession.

We have two bonded stories in our film. Masha and Anya’s parents struggle for their daughter’s lives (a), and an investigation of the whole case by a journalist Vasily Polonsky from oppositional TV channel “Rain” (b).
We film Masha and Anya’s parents from very beginning and witness their personal transformation from Putin’s followers to opposition political activists in the face of ruthless repressive machine.

Following Vasily’s investigation we discover why and how Masha and Anya where involved into this case and how the whole system works, how agents create this so-called organisations and put children into the jail.

As a background of our story we want to show an atmosphere of living in new conditions of modern Russia were at first sight prosperous life borders with growth of political repressions, immigration, lies, farcical injustice, constant fears and uncertainty in future. This is our reality; this is what we call The New Imperium.


„Producenti by neměli být hromadně znásilňováni streamery.“ Rozhovor se Sinišou Juričićem
18. 1. 2022

„Producenti by neměli být hromadně znásilňováni streamery.“ Rozhovor se Sinišou Juričićem

Zkušený chorvatský producent Siniša Juričić v otevřeném rozhovoru mluví o chystaném filmu, kde bude padouchem Elon Mask, o vlivu pandemie na projekty i spolupráci se streamery.
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