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Panel připravovaných českých dokumentárních filmů

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Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

What is unusual about a person who lives alone, works, has a girlfriend, plays the piano, travels internationally, creates a VR project and co-edits a documentary about himself? He's a person with autism, called Jonathan
Hotel Astoria

Hotel Astoria

In the Hotel Astoria in Leipzig during GDR times many things were possible that otherwise were forbidden. The cross media project (Animadoc + VR) revives this legendary place and lets the different truths clash.
The Interview

The Interview

The Interview is an interactive VR documentary set in a transit zone on the Serbian-Hungarian border. You are put in the shoes of an immigration officer. On your first day on the job you get to interview asylum seekers.
Malaria 1983

Malaria 1983

A moral choice driven RPG adventure video game based on the true life story of a Czechoslovak parasitologist in the post-genocide ravaged Cambodia.
Pearl of Absurd

Pearl of Absurd

Is Odesa still beautiful?
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