Virtual Reality – the Ideal Tool for Spreading Impact?

29. 3. 2023

Wednesday, March 29
Panel Debate: Virtual Reality - The Ideal Tool for Spreading Impact?
Conference Room, 5th floor, French Institute in Prague
Virtual reality as a technology and medium offers specific ways to reach audiences. Doctors practice challenging operations, astronauts train to attach a space module - VR provides new experiences that are hard to get in real life. How is this impact potential used in original art projects? Can we use VR to "train" ourselves to be more respectful of nature or more open to people who are part of different minorities? And how can we work with obstacles such as the cost of the headset and the inaccessibility or limited distribution channels and capacities that stand in the way of wider societal impact? The creators of this year's VR projects Wojciech Pus (Endless - VR Segue), Annick Daigneault (Lou) and Niki Smit (The Shape of Us) along with Wotienke Vermeer (IDFA) will share their experiences and talk about the steps in the creative process leading to the creation of an impact project.

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