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Son of the Streets

Son of the Streets

A thirteen years old child tries to enroll in school but he can not due to lack of identification documents.
Sounds Of Weariness

Sounds Of Weariness

In the middle of one of his recurrent anxiety attacks, a Lebanese young man living in Brussels finds rest in a laundromat.
Soviet Friendsbook

Soviet Friendsbook

Focusing on the 30 years of the collapse of the USSR the film explores five personal stories of director's classmates with a common past and different present in Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Cambodia.
Telenovela Greyscale in Color

Telenovela Greyscale in Color

Filip was born in Belgrade, Serbia but was raised in Barcelona, Spain. He asks himself a simple question: Where is he actually from?
Town of Glory

Town of Glory

With few exceptions, Yelnyans raise their children to become good patriots. They don’t mind the eerie, all-encompassing militarization of society.


Mankind is unlikely to stop climate change, but it can adapt to the new, harder conditions.
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