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About Institute of Documentary Film


PR Manager
Veronika Zýková


tel: +420 736 116 013

PR Coordinator
Anna Jurková
tel.: +420 605 136 254

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Was your film part of the Institute of Documentary Film's activities? Find how to address IDF in the film credits below:
How to address IDF in film credits / Jak uvádět IDF v titulcích filmu. (pdf, 590.1 kB)
Institute of Documentary Film logo (zip, 123.22 kB)
Silver Eye laurel (zip, 248.09 kB)
List of all the guests attending the East Doc Platform 2021, including their contacts.
WHO IS WHO? (xlsx, 43.34 kB)
Poster EDP 2021
EDP 2021 poster (png, 272.21 kB)
Photos - EDP 2021 winning projects
Poster EDP 2020
EDP 2020 (jpg, 3.03 MB)
Photos - projects at EDP 2020
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