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Veronika Zýková


tel: +420 736 116 013

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Was your film part of the Institute of Documentary Film's activities? Find how to address IDF in the film credits below:
How to address IDF in film credits / Jak uvádět IDF v titulcích filmu. (pdf, 329.78 kB)
Institute of Documentary Film logo (zip, 123.22 kB)
Silver Eye laurel (zip, 248.09 kB)
Photos - projects at EDP 2020
Poster EDP 2020
EDP 2020 (jpg, 3.03 MB)
Open call - EDP 2020
Poster EDP 2019
Poster_EDP_2019 (jpg, 1.09 MB)
Poster_EDP_2019 (pdf, 1.03 MB)
Photos - East Doc Interactive 2019
Photos - Czech projects at EDP 2019
Poster EDP 2018
Download the poster EDP 2018 (jpg, 825.88 kB)
Photogallery EDP 2018
EDP 2018: discussion panel (jpg, 246.01 kB)
EDP 2018: The Last Relic (jpg, 61.47 kB)
East Doc Forum 2018 (jpg, 2.63 MB)
East Doc Forum 2018 - stage (jpg, 3.08 MB)
EDP 2018: winners (jpg, 2.86 MB)
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