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"Vanja Jambrović and I pitched the project [Museum of the Revolution] in many places, but two stand out: East Doc Platform in 2019, where the project won the main award and where we first met with our Czech co-producers, Nutprodukce; and then the IDFA Forum that same year. The positive feedback we got there encouraged us to apply to the Sundance Documentary Fund, which we previously thought would be a big stretch for a film like this. But at that point, we were already able to share a lot of material, and we got the post-production grant from them."
Srdjan Keča
, director, Serbia

„Our participation in East Silver, East Silver Caravan, East European Forum gave big boost to the development, production and especially international promotion and distribution of our projects and films ("I Don't Love You", "The Term", "On the Edge of Snow"). The activities IDF undoubtedly help established close connections inside the European film industry and emphasize the importance of documentary filmmaking. This is why I am convinced that it is one of the most significant and influential world institutions in this area.“

Max Tuula, producer, Marx Film, Estonia

'Doc Tank is a platform where we could meet and listen to the transmedia film industry leaders - practitioners, as well as academics. It was valuable experience in terms of understanding the bigger context of the Interactive filmmaking, new trends and also, in terms of evaluating very specific needs of our own project. It helped us a lot to develop the project conceptually, as well as technically.’
Nino Orjonikidze, director and producer, Sakdoc, Georgia

“As we are currently developing an i_Island cross media documentary project, we find DOC TANK, which we have attend in March 2015, as one of the best organized cross media events that we have been present at. The personal is very well organized and sincerely friendly. Since they are all constantly visiting most major European cross media events, we became really good acquaintances and they are now our valuable production associates. They are also particular useful for us - film makers from Eastern Europe.
I can honestly say that we consider the DOC TANK for one of the most useful cross media events in Europe. I would be always more than willing to bring my next project there and I highly recommend it especially to all my colleagues from east European countries who are facing a lot of difficulties with financing and distributing their projects.”
Miha Čelar, director and producer, Astral Film, Slovenia

I participated in East European Forum two years in a row with two different teams and projects. Every time it was different. Nevertheless there are few things these experiences have in common. You are stepping outside your comfort zone with your film. You've got the opportunity to look at your own work with different perspectives, using the eyes and receptivity of the tutors, guests and fellow participants. And it is crucial to allow you to move on. To check if your voice is heard and to check if what you say is understandable.
Jakub Piatek, Ex Oriente Film 2013 and East European Forum 2015 participant

The work on the documentary can be measured in time before and after the EOF. Between the first and second session there is enough time to start thinking about your project in a different way but also very little time to change the movie completely. The same goes for the interval between the second and third session, when you are making the key interventions to the existing material. When I look back after the pitch that took place at the third session, I realize how important the experience that I gained in the EOF was. For those who want to deal with the documentary on a professional level, this workshop is very important and necessary. As I said, there is the time before EOF and after. And believe me, it is a big difference.
Dženan Medanović, Ex Oriente Film 2014 participant 

Ex Oriente definitely put us on a fast track toward reaching our goals. The creative input from the tutors helped us recognize, shape and articulate our own ideas, as well as see the film from new angles. The lectures, screenings and discussions were highly engaging and thought-provoking. The organizing team was exceptional - they welcomed us like their own family, were extremely detail-oriented, and made sure that things run smoothly during and between the sessions. Obviously the benefits of the workshop were not limited by the official part of the program - the synergy of inspiring late-night conversations, wild parties, and the lasting relationships we built over the course of the year were highly rewarding beyond the scope of the current project.
Sasha Heifets, Ex Oriente Film 2014 participant

For me, Ex Oriente Film was a crucial workshop, it helped me a lot in terms of developing my film. As it is a very personal film and story, it was really hard for me to speak about it in front of people. I do not know, but it made me stronger. The advice of the tutors contributed to my film very much and helped me to look at it from different perspectives. The environment, the organizers and the whole workshop opened up a whole new world for me. It was the best decision for me to participate in Ex Oriente.
Noemi Veronika Szakonyi, Ex Oriente Film 2014 participant 

I will never forget the great moment at the Ex Oriente Film final presentation during the East Doc Platform in Prague 2013, where my documentary project Para I Vyara received the Golden Funnel Award – “beyond belief”! It was the best motivation to overcome the difficulties and to go on. Starting the Ex Oriente Film workshop in June 2012 was a big challenge for me. Partly because I was still looking for the right producer for my documentary (I never found him/her), but also emotionally - going to Prague was my coming back to a country, which is very close to my heart. The city of Prague is the place where my film story started. The good news was that I got a scholarship to participate — thank you, IDF, for encouraging me! Thank you friends. To be part of this quality meeting, to exchange experience and ideas with the film experts from all over the world, and to reflect their professional arguments, helped me extremely to develop my project and to find the focus. Mikael Opstrup and Marijke Rawie were especially important to me. Thank you! With my background in visual and video arts, I was shy and uncertain. But the organizers and the tutors were very open and collegial to me. It is very important for the filmmakers to meet each other during such workshops, but also to keep in touch in the long run. We are a network and we have to help and support each other. I experienced the solidarity of my colleagues in February 2015 during my Crowd-funding campaign for financing the postproduction. 100 people supported my project, most of them filmmakers and producers. And the campaign finished successfully! I am very thankful and proud.
Albena Mihaylova, Ex Oriente Film 2012 participant

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