East Doc Interactive


  1. Laboratory and public presentation for transmedia projects in development
    and production

  2. Doc Tank is a development laboratory for documentary projects with transmedia
    and campaign potential. For the 4th year at the East Doc Platform Doc Tank will bring
    5 projects which explore new forms of documentary fi lm with stories expanded through
    various platforms, addressing their audience in a unique creative way.
    In the intense 3-day-program, the participants will go through all stages of
    development – design, strategic planning, fi nancing and monetizing, user experience,
    user-centred design experience, work-fl ow, interactive co-productions, workfl ow on
    the 360° cameras and VR headsets, location-based documentaries and augmented
    Doc Tank offers consultation and guidance on interactive storytelling, designing the
    campaign strategy and VR workfl ow. Doc Tank tutors and experts range from writers,
    artists and theoreticians, producers, content management and distribution experts,
    campaign strategists, etc.

  3. Doc Tank

  4. March 8 | 9:30 am–7:30 pm (Group Works, Lectures, Individual Consultations)
    March 9 | 10 am–7 pm (Lectures, Group Works)
    March 10 | 10 am–6:30 pm (Groupworks, Public Presentation, One-on-One Meetings)

  5. Open for: Lectures – public, Group Works and Meetings – Doc Tank participants
    and tutors
    Where: Cervantes Institute (Na Rybníčku 6, 120 00 Prague 2)

  6. Doc Tank Manager: Miriam Ryndová | | +420 775 060 821

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