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Five selected transmedia, interactive, immersive and virtual reality non-fiction projects will be presented at the East Doc Interactive to professionals from the interactive storytelling field, broadcasters, funders and advisors. East Doc Interactive is intensive five day long preparatory workshop with networking opportunities. Three most advanced projects will be presented within the interactive pitch at the East Doc Forum, which is the key place to build partnerships, secure funding, and receive in-depth feedback from the international market. Two additional projects will benefit from the one-on-one meetings with industry professionals within the East Doc Market.

The East Doc Interactive is open to all kinds of interactive projects, covering any projects with an innovative approach to the story, idea execution or both: cross-media projects developing new storytelling, linear documentaries with interactive, engaging internet platform, webdocs, multimedia and virtual reality. The projects can be at any stage of development, production or post-production. Completed projects will not be accepted.

Thanks to cooperation with id w | interactive documentary workshop (CH), IDF aims to create a network for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of interactive factual works and help creators to develop, produce and distribute their interactive projects. 

Malaria 1983 (dir. Petr Salaba, prod. Radim Procházka / Produkce Radim Procházka, CZ)
Pearl of Absurd (dir. Oleksandra Chuprina, prod. Elmira Asadova / Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema "CUC", UA)
Hotel Astoria (dir. Alina Cyranek, prod. Alina Cyranek, Falk Schuster, DE)
The Interview (dir. Thom Vander Beken, prod. Tomas Leyers / Minds Meet, BE)
Chocolate Milk (dir. Sonja Bozic, Jonathan Weiner, prod. Sonja Bozic, Vladimir Vidic / Dart Film, US, RS)  

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