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About East Doc Market
The East Doc Market offers filmmakers the opportunity to meet with over 70 international funders, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and festival representatives. Over the course of two days, filmmakers pitch their projects at 15 minutes long individual meetings to the partners of their choice or the ones who requested specifically to meet the project. Over two days, more than 400 curated individual meetings take place.

Open to: feature-length projects, series and shorts in development, production and post-production stage

And Now What And Then What? (dir. & prod. Boris Mitic, RS, HR, FR)
Abastumani - 101 Rooms (dir. Mariam Chachia & Nik Voigt, prod. Mariam Chachia, GE)
Cabin Pressure - 'Motherhood, My Way!' (dir. Eszter Nagy & Sara Czira, prod. Patricia D'Intino, co-prod. Hanka Kastelicová, HU)
Flotacija (dir. Eluned Zoë Aiano & Alesandra Tatić, prod. Greta Rauleac & Miloš Ljubomirović, RS)
Ironman (dir. & prod. Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov, MK)
The One I Love (dir. Paweł Hejbudzki, prod. Justyna Przybylska & Filip Luft, PL)
Lost and Found (dir. & prod. Laurentiu Garofeanu, RO, CA, DE)
A Year of Endless Days (dir. Renata Lučić, prod. Tamara Babun, HR) / online
Leon (dir. Wojciech Gostomczyk, prod. Anna Stylinska, PL)
No Mercy - The Female Gaze (dir. Isa Willinger, prod. Alex Tondowski, DE) / online 
Unbound (dir. John English & Tom Garner, prod. John English, ES)
Olympic Halftime (dir. Haruna Honcoop, prod. Vít Janeček, CZ, FR, SI) - APA Wild Card

When: March 30 - 31, 2022
Where: Prague, CZ

Mini-Market at the One World Film Festival

The Mini-Market event is for approximately 15 completed films and offers filmmakers the opportunity to meet with decision makers who will help them find distributors, sales agents and additional screenings at international film festivals. The event is run in collaboration with the One World Film Festival and is selected from their festival programme. The event starts on 30 March with individual meetings and continues in early April with two days of online meetings.

Sofia Tocar: tocar@dokweb.net

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