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East Silver Caravan

East Silver Caravan is a project supporting the festival distribution of Central and Eastern European documentary films. The region offers many talents that often remain unnoticed by the international audience. East Silver Caravan presents a handpicked selection of some of the most interesting films from the market with high festival potential.

These documentaries (approx. 30 films per year) are submitted to international film festivals for consideration during the whole year in an effort to make them more visible. Thanks to the gradually growing network of East Silver partner festivals, the chances of Caravan films to get screened internationally are increasing (currently, East Silver Caravan travels to more than 120 international film festivals). Don’t hesitate to contact us with your new films!

The East Silver Caravan also serves as a tool of reference on the CEE documentary scene for festival programmers, as it makes effort to meet their needs. Thanks to the online videolibrary, they have non-stop access to the new documentaries, recommended according to the specific thematic keys and programme needs.

The list of films in East Silver Caravan 2019.

Walter Nagy / Coordinator:

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