Ex Oriente Film

Open Programme

Workshop 1: Banská Štiavnica

Thursday, June 20
4:30 pm - 6 pm
Cinema Akademik
Film Analysis: Dušan Hanák - Pictures of an old World and Karel Vachek - Moravian Hellas
Moderated by Jan Gogola Jr.

Opening screening will be dedicated to debut films from legendary Slovak and Czech directors - Karel Vachek and Dušan Hanák. Pictures of an Old World and Moravian Hellas will be presented and analysed by director and script writer Jan Gogola Jr. who will give the international audience some insight into ways unconventional approaches for depiction human experience.

Friday, June 21
3:30 pm - 5 pm
Cinema Akademik
Screening: Steam on the River
(83 mins, dirs. Robert Kirchhoff and Filip Remunda, Czech Republic/Slovakia, 2015)

Like the steam that silently appears and then disappears over a flowing river, the life of every human is just as fleeting, and this particularly applies in the case of artists. The transience of their fame is the main topic of this documentary, which provides a glimpse into the lives of three aging jazzmen: Laco Deczi, Lubomír Tamaskovic, and Ján Jankeje.

5:15 pm - 6:45 pm
Masterclass: Steam on the River - Happy Days of Shooting

When directors Filip Remunda and Robert Kirchhoff started making a film about the lives of three aging jazzmen, they did not anticipate a 10 year journey. The result is the award-winning documentary Steam on the River. What was it like to work with such colourful protagonists? How do you script, cast and stage a documentary? How do you deal with force majeure playing a part in the changing of the script and the whole concept of the film? This case study will allow the audience to glimpse through the steam surrounding the film and see what lies behind it.

Saturday, June 22
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Velký salonek, Grand Matej (Big Room 1)
Case Study: Over the Limit

The alumni Ex Oriente Film 2016 film “Over the Limit” by director Marta Prus and producer Maciej Kubicki and Anna Kepinska has screened at prestigious festivals such as IDFA, Hot Docs, Visions du Reel, and at numerous international festivals around the world. How did this Poland-German-Finish co-production come into existence? The films producer and former Ex Oriente Film participant Maciej Kubicki, from the production company Telemark Sp. z o.o., will present a case study from the producer's perspective on the international co-production that helped to create this award-winning film.

5 pm - 6:30 pm
Velký salonek, Grand Matej (Big Room 1)
Lecture by Jan Gogola Jr.: Something Else

A documentary film is not a recording of reality, but rather an inquiry into reality's alternatives. Jan Gogola Jr. will present excerpts from so-called documentaries on which he collaborated as a director, dramaturge and pedagogue, and which relate to reality under the forms of self-collages, deconstructions, theaters, concepts or video-mapping.

9 pm
Screening: Over the Limit
(74 mins, dir. Marta Prus, Poland/Germany/Finland, 2017)
Followed by Q & A with the producer Maciej Kubicki

An intimate portrait of the world's most outstanding rhythmic gymnast Margarita Mamun who needs to overcome mental fragility to take part in the Olympic Games.

Sunday, June 23
10:30 pm - 12 am
Velký salonek, Grand Matej (Big Room 1)
Lecture by Mikael Opstrup, Maciej Kubicki, Hilla Medalia: Production Vocabulary

A run-through of production-related phrases (budget, financing plan, directors agreement, co-production agreement etc.)

4 pm - 5:30 pm
Velký salonek, Grand Matej (Big Room 1)
Lecture by Dalia Neis: Spectral Glitches, Eerie Terrains & the Unfilmable

How do artists/filmmakers respond to immaterial forces and atmospheric phenomena? Specifically, what maps, methods and strategies are available for exploring what can be described as ‘haunted terrains’—from urban cityscapes to remote environments, relics, ruins, and those psychic, ‘invisible’ frequencies beyond the physical dimensions of a place? How can an ‘unfilmable’ subject form the basis of a rich inquiry into representational strategies and creative processes without pre-conceived outcomes or actualized forms?  Together we will examine a range of cross-disciplinary methods and ideas circling around the question of the unrepresentable, illustrated through film excerpts, listening sessions and the discussion of key texts. Excerpts from Dalia Neis’ own films and audio works will be screened and transmitted alongside other artist/filmmakers.

10 pm
Cinema Akademik
Screening: Men Don't Cry
(100 mins, dir. Alen Drljević, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, 2017)

In an empty Serbian hotel becomes one more battleground in the ceaseless Yugoslav Wars. Nearly 20 years after the official end of hostilities, many former combatants have still never truly escaped.

Monday, June 24
Cinema Akademik
2:30 pm - 4 pm
Masterclass: Alen Drljević

In this masterclass director Alen Drljević will speak about his latest award winning film Men Don't Cry (Muškarci ne plaču) which started as a documentary film and ended up as a fiction film, and went on to win the Special Jury Award at the 2017 Karlovy Vary International FIlm Festival. Alen Drljević will reveal the documentary elements that shaped and influenced the final form of the film - from the directorial approach to the subject and actors, the creation of the script, or the use of non-professional actors - all the while introducing the audience to his unique filmmaking approach.

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