East Silver Caravan Award for Fragments of Ice

2. 4. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Maria Stoianova's Fragments of Ice (Фрагменти льоду) was awarded at the Awards Ceremony of the 18th Docudays UA 2021. The winner was selected from the Ukrainian Doc Preview 2021 projects and got East Silver Caravan Award from the Institute of Documentary Film. The award will ensure Fragments of Ice East Silver Caravan's services concerning festival distribution. Alisa Kovalenko's Expedition 49 (East Doc Forum 2021) got several awards including Current Time TV Award. Simon Mozgovyi's Salt from Bonneville, the winner of East Silver Caravan at Beldocs, got two Special Mentions.

East Silver Caravan Award Jury statement: We would like to honour a project that touched us with an unusual story about the crucial historical events defining modern Europe from an unexpected perspective. From the point of view of an ordinary family a radical change unfolds. The world as they knew it disappeared and new horizons opened. A taste of the West, a brand new world and the memory of it caught on VHS tapes of one particular family archive. We would like to give the East Silver Caravan Award to Fragments of Ice by Maria Stoianova.

About Fragments of Ice
A director’s father, (post-)Soviet figure skating star, went on tours to the imaginary West and filmed his life in the transition period of the 80s and 90s. Rediscovering his amateur VHS archive, Maria Stoianova explores his vision of paradise against the changing historical background. 15 videotapes, 1986 - 1994. The spirit of traveling to the West. The birth of a daughter. The collapse of the USSR. The end of the carrier and filming, disillusionment. Fragments of Ice is a journey of growing-up for society, for the father, and for the daughter. A journey that is ongoing.

Director: Maria Stoianova
Producer: Alina Gorlova, Maksym Nakonechnyi

East Silver Caravana Award
The Institute of Documentary Film has supported many Ukrainian documentaries over the years, either through our Ex Oriente Film Workshop, networking events such as East Doc Platform or by the means of East Silver Market and its festival distribution support. And since Ukrainian cinema is constantly of high quality and brings many important topics and stories, we would love to extend our support and help one project to reach an international audience. The awarded title will receive one year of festival support - we will collaborate on the festival strategy, recommend the film to the festival selectors around the world and do all the festival submissions for free. We have worked, for example, with films such as Home Games by Alisa Kovalenko, Salt from Bonneville by Simon Mozgovyi, My Father Is My Mother's Brother by Vadym Ilkov or short film  No! No! No! by Mikola Ridnyi. East Silver Caravan titles are currently being submitted to around 200 film festivals worldwide.

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