Discussion: Changes in Audience Behaviour (June 9)

2. 6. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Join us live on Facebook for another part of our IDF Industry Sessions series on Wednesday, June 9, at 6 pm (CET / Prague time). Matt Locke and Diana Tabakov will discuss Changes in Audience Behaviour.

In the last 15 years, our viewing habits have been changing rapidly. We have many more options than just watching linear TV, we can binge-watch series, we can watch our favourite film on one of many streaming platforms or we can enjoy short formats on social media. As a documentary director or producer, what do you need to know about your possible audience when you are working on a new project? Where is the audience that loves independent and creative documentaries? What are the viewing trends in Central and Eastern Europe?
These will be some of the topics covered in a keynote speech by Matt Locke, Founder and Director at Storythings. The discussion will be moderated by Diana Tabakov, Executive Director and Head of Acquisitions at

The discussion is part of IDF Industry Sessions series, organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague. 

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