True Story, episode 15: Grief

8. 9. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

Andrea Culková's documentary Grief openly explores the feelings experienced when we see the balance between the planet and human beings threatened by imminent climate collapse. The first film in the documentary series “Love & Rage” is mostly about members of Extinction Rebellion and mainly about women: director Andrea Culková finds that it is often women who perceive and experience climate change in a more immediate, pressing way.

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Thirty years ago, Czechoslovak grief over a devastated landscape and lack of care for the environment was one of the propelling forces of the Velvet Revolution. Soon the country took a deep breath of not only freedom but also cleaner air. Three decades later, however, grief over the climate situation is growing, clashing with ignorance, and again becoming a rebellion. Various movements have recently changed the climate game by sending out strong emotions. And suddenly, things were set into motion. Grief deals with climate change – not through statistics and degrees Celsius, but through emotions. Andrea Culková shows how environmental crisis-induced anxiety produces new rebels.


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