True Story, episode 16: Two Roads

15. 9. 2021

Author: Veronika Zýková

In this episode of True Story interview series Ivona Remundová talks to director and producer Radovan Síbrt about his film Two Roads (East Doc Platform 2017 & 2019), which follows the members of The Tap Tap band and their director Šimon Ornest on tour.

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The Jedlička Institute music class currently known as The Tap Tap band was founded 21 years ago by Šimon Ornest to give people with handicaps an opportunity to succeed outside of their daily institutional care. An observing and attentive camera captured the evolution of the personalities of several of the musicians over the course of several years. The attractive energy of the film which is exceptional in its approach to its theme as it avoids the usual compassionate sentiment stems from the relationships among the musicians and between them and their band leader, the motor of the action, whose work improves the public image of people with handicaps in an unorthodox way.

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