Mara got Special Mention at Artdocfest Riga

19. 3. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

The winner of the Silver Eye Award 2021 Mara by Sasha Kulak got the Special Mention at Artdocfest Riga. The film "that elaborates Mythology to confront an urgent political context with bravery unifying the fight for freedom and the constitution of beauty" was previously presented at Rotterdam IFF. You can now submit your films to the East Silver Market 2022 and get a chance to win the Silver Eye Award and be part of the East Silver Caravan, ensuring the festival distribution of your documentary!

It’s 2020 and Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, is overflowing with anti-government protests.
A dreamy figure – Mara – takes us on a journey alongside the protesting crowds. Mara’s symbolic presence is a stark contrast to the harsh reality of the street. There is a determination to Mara, but also a fragility – as if her persona reflects the collective mental state of the protesters witnessing their dream for freedom turn into a nightmare 

director: Sasha Kulak
production: Louis Beaudemont, Ksenia Gorenstein
documentary essay, 61 mins, FR, GB, 2022


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