East Doc Market Award at DocsBarcela goes to Four Winters in Edificio Cuba

26. 5. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

Four Winters in Edificio Cuba by Aleksandra Maciuszek was selected from the Public Pitch projects at DocsBarcelona and got the East Doc Market Award given by the Institute of Documentary Film.

Our statement: "The project we would like to support with the networking meetings at the East Doc Platform enchanted us with its touching story and especially the protagonist, a little boy living in poor conditions with his family and friends in one of the crumbling buildings in the heart of Havana. Knowing the previous works of the director, we have no doubts that Four Winters in Edificio Cuba by Aleksandra Maciuszek will be an amazing film."

Director: Aleksandra Maciuszek
Producer: Aleksandra Maciuszek, Santiago de la Paz, Alejandro Quintero, Claudia Calviño, Claudia Olivera
Production company: New Plot Films
Country: Poland

A story of various years in the life of an old emblematic Old Havana tenement house and its community, based on the fate of a boy from a problematic environment, his friend, and his relatives. An intimate and multi-threaded portrait of growing up during times of social upheavel.

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