Watch the recording of Creative Dialogue: The Visitors

21. 11. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

The Visitors, directed by Veronika Lišková and produced by Kristýna Michálek Květová, got the Special Mention in the Czech Joy competition at Ji.hlava IDFF. Watch the recording of the IDF Industry Session Creative Dialogue: The Visitors between director Veronika Lišková, producer Kristýna Michálek Květová and documentary expert Iikka Vehkalahti, who was a consultant of the film in a rough cut stage.

About the film
A young anthropologist, Zdenka moves with her family to Svalbard, Norway, to study how life is changing in polar regions. After falling in love with her new home, she discovers that more than icebergs and permafrost are vanishing in the Arctic. She has to work out to what extent she can get involved in the local community that she only originally intended to observe.

The IDF Industry Sessions called Creative Dialogue present directors and producers of exceptional documentary projects and tutors who met during industry events that the Institute of Documentary Film organizes. Tutors are selected by the director-producer team and they are film professionals who had the greatest influence on the project.

The IDF Industry Sessions series is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund and APA - Audiovisual Producers' Association. 

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