B2B Doc: Visegrad Pitch projects announced

17. 3. 2023

Author: B2B Doc

The selection committee has announced the Ukrainian film projects that will participate in the workshop and Visegrad pitch during the East Doc Platform. The preparatory webinars will take place during March 16-17. The workshop is scheduled for March 24-27, the pitch for March 28. The participants will also be able to arrange meetings and attend the industry events at the East Doc Platform on March 29-30.


Divia, dir. Dmytro Hreshko, prod. Polina Herman, co-prod. Glib Lukianets
With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia, the state of Ukrainian nature is deteriorating catastrophically. Thousands of kilometres of mutilated land, poisonous rivers, mined fields and forests. The infinite scale of the tragedy with no hope of a quick fix.

The Ordinary Ruscism, dir. Kornii Hritsyuk, prod. Evgeniya Kriegsheim
The Ordinary Ruscism is a montage documentary essay that explores the development of Russian propaganda in cinematography and its impact on Russian society.

A Bit of a Stranger, dir. Svitlana Lishchynska, prod. Anna Kapustina
Four generations of women from Mariupol were deprived of national identity before the war. The Russian War in Ukraine forces them to define themselves. They realize that their ethnic originality has been destroyed by Russian imperialism. Women start to reconstruct the historical memory.

Listening to the World, dir. Yelizaveta Smith, prod. Olha Beskhmelnitsyna
Iva doesn't hear the world because of her disability. Iva and her son Mykyta face the war and go to Germany as refugees. In Berlin Iva gets a chance to do surgery and to hear the world again.

Queens of Joy, dir. Olga Gibelinda, prod. Ivanna Khitsinska
Ukrainians oppressed by society during peace, come to its defence during the war.

A Report to Peter the Apostle, dir./prod. Pylyp Illienko
A story of filmmaker Yuri Illienko and his journey through the inception of Ukrainian poetic cinema, censorship, independence and the looming threat of putinism. From a Moscow cosmopolite to a classic of Ukrainian cinema and an ideologist of national identity, his path shows the essence of an epoch.

Servs Chronicles, dir. Tomi Hazslinszky, prod. Valeria Sochyvets
Complicated social-economical conditions, full-scaled war started by Russia and climate changes cause a lot of challenges for the Radvanka Romani community in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

The Mother of Angels, dir. Tetiana Dorodnitsyna & Andrii Lytvynenko, prod. Olena Yakovitska
When the war came and the old world collapsed, Anna did not give up, continuing to save homeless dogs and cats. She does it in accordance with her motto: whoever saves one life (even the life of an animal) saves the whole world.

Puzzle, dir./prod. Lana Shapoval
A Ukrainian refugee filmmaker, a British journalist, a Canadian TV presenter investigate how Russia spreads its ideology through charity organisations, NGOs, and 'peaceful' rallies. They reveal how big corporations support Russia's army, and how Russia's money is behind ultra-right forces worldwide.

Flowers of Ukraine, dir. Adelina Borets, prod. Glib Lukianets
Natalia has lived on her Kyiv plot surrounded by nature since the day she was born. She used to be a local agitator against Kyiv’s developers, but after the war broke out, she became a national rebel against the real bastards.

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