Eight films supported by IDF in program of Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival

11. 5. 2023

Author: Tereza Plavecká

Eight films supported by IDF will be presented at Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival in Warsaw in Poland from 12th till 21st May 2023.

The Kiosk
Directing: Daniel Stopa
PL 2023 / 40 MIN
IDF activities: East Silver Caravan 2023East Silver Market 2023East Silver 2023 East Doc Platform 2020 East Doc Forum 2020 Ex Oriente Film 2019 East Doc Market 2018  East Doc Platform 2018 

National premiere: 12.5.2023

The Kiosk is a highly emotional film about female solidarity in the face of abuse. As we enter their limited space, we feel the characters who are within our reach. Each gesture, look and tear become incredibly powerful when seen up close.

Disturbed Earth
Directing: Kumjana Novakova,  Guillermo Carreras-Candi
ES, BA, MK 2021 / 72 MIN
IDF activities: East Silver 2021Silver Eye 2021East Silver Caravan 2022 

A space in silence, where past has captured present.
Taking over, layer by layer, the collective pain enters the landscape, the space, the city. Eventually, it enters us.
Srebrenica becomes a reality of today, and our own reality.

Directing: Agnieszka Zwiefka
PL, DE 2023 / 79 MIN
IDF activities: East Doc Platform 2019East Doc Forum 2019 

Wika is the oldest DJ in Poland and probably in the world. This 80-year-old grandma of four is ruling the Warsaw clubs for young people and despite increasing health problems believes that “80 is the new 40”.

Directing: Jakub Piątek
PL 2023 / 89 MIN
IDF activities: East Doc Forum 2022East Doc Platform 2022

An intimate coming-of-age portrait of young pianists taking part in the legendary International Chopin Piano Competition. A unique chance of the lifetime portrayed from the backstage.

Directing: Wojciech Gostomczyk
PL 2023 / 80 MIN
IDF activities: East Doc Market 2022East Doc Platform 2022 

A performative artist Leon rejects limits between art and life. Creating his dream project he finds himself in conflict with society and family, including his boyfriend, Manfred Thierry Mugler.

Too Close
Directing: Botond Püsök
RO 2023 / 70 MIN 

A single mother is struggling to move away from her home village,as her former partner, her young daughter’s sexual abuser comes out of jail, and moves back into the small, religious Transylvanian community.


We Will Not Fade Away
Directing: Alisa Kovalenko
FRA, POL, UKR, USA 2023 / 100 min
IDF activities: Silver Eye Award 2023, East Silver Market 2023, East Doc Forum 2021
Five Ukrainian teenagers, trapped in the war zone in Donbas, dream of freedom and discovering the world outside. One day, they are offered a unique opportunity to climb the Himalayas…

The Investigator
Directing: Viktor Portel
CZ, HR 2022 / 70 MIN
IDF activities: East Doc Platform 2022, Czech Docs: Coming Soon 2022
Former Czech investigator of the Hague Tribunal returns to Balkans, to places where the war crimes were committed nearly 30 years ago. Can justice be brought from the outside?

All other informations about screening dates and tickets you can find here.

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