East Silver Caravan News | June 2023

29. 6. 2023

Author: Sofia Tocar

East Silver Caravan joyfully takes the stage to unveil the latest updates from the June film festivals, eagerly sharing the success of the supported films.


Nikita Lavretski's enthralling creation, "A Date in Minsk," had its Swiss premiere at the Bildrausch Filmfest in Basel (May 31 - June 4) and a subsequent Spanish premiere at the Filmadrid Festival Internacional de Cine (June 6-11), where Lavretski also presented his intriguing Cinematic Zine, "Cool (News from Belarus)."

Photo: Almudena Martinez Quintana and Dilcia Rubio, Filmadrid Festival

Daniel Stopa's short film, "The Kiosk," made its world premiere at the Millenium Docs Against Gravity in Warsaw before continuing its journey to the Koszaliński Festiwal Debiutów Filmowych Młodzi i Film (June 12-17), where it captivated audiences in the Debut Short Film Category.

Photo: The Kiosk, Koszaliński Festiwal Debiutów Filmowych Młodzi i Film

Among the notable festivals, the Shanghai International Film Festival (June 9-18) stood out as it joyfully welcomed international films and guests once again after two years-long break. A standout at the event was the acclaimed film "Magic Mountain," directed by Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt, who presented the work in the Panorama section.

Photo: Shanghai International Film Festival

Continuing the wave of success, Sasha Kulak's compelling and impactful film, "Mara," reached the Moldovan audience at the Moldox festival, held in the small town of Cahul in the southern region of the country. The film's long-awaited screening provided a powerful cinematic experience for the attendees, further solidifying its status as a standout creation.

Photo: Moldox festival

In addition to "Mara," Kulak's latest masterpiece, "A Hawk as Big as a Horse," took center stage at the XPOSED Queer Film Festival (June 15-18) in Berlin. The film mesmerized audiences with its unique narrative, followed by an engaging and insightful Q&A session with the esteemed director, enhancing the viewers' understanding and appreciation of the film's themes and artistic vision.

Photo: Stanley Reagh,  XPOSED Queer Film Festival

Through these achievements, East Silver Caravan proudly celebrates the filmmakers' creativity, dedication, and the impact their works have made on the global cinematic landscape.

Stay tuned – more premieres and screenings are coming in July and August!

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