East Silver Caravan Award went to the project Your Life Without Me by Anna Rubi

23. 8. 2023

Author: Tereza Plavecká

This year marks the first time in which the Institute of Documentary Film has granted the East Silver Caravan Award to a project from the Docu Rough Cut Boutique at the Sarajevo Film Festival. 

This award, valued at €3,500 and presented as an in-kind distribution service, was bestowed upon the project Your Life Without Me, led by director Anna Rubi and producer Áron Szentpéteri.
The project amplifies the voices of women who valiantly champion their children's rights and strive for a better future, surmounting challenges posed by the state and societal prejudices.

Your Life Without Me
director: Anna Rubi
production: Áron Szentpéteri (Somnus film)
co-production: Annika HellströmErika Malmgren (Cinenic Film)

Magdi (70), a strong-willed but lonely caregiver, faces a daunting reality as she grows older: if she were to pass away, her severely disabled son, Feri (39), would be left to the inhumane conditions of the Hungarian state care system, and would quickly follow her. Determined to secure a dignified future for Feri, Magdi unites with a group of mothers in the same situation. They take legal action against the state, demanding small-scale care homes for their children. Led by Magdi, the resilient community battles the cold absurdity of state bureaucracy, coping with loss and setbacks along the way. Winning the case is not only about justice but also about providing a chance for the boys to live when their mothers will be gone.
Your Life Without Me is a story about the strength and sacrifices of these women who find their voice through their community.

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