KineDok prepares twelve new documentary films on VOD for free

27. 10. 2023

Author: Anna Jurková

From October 2023 to March 2024, KineDok will make two selected documentary films available online for two weeks each month for free. You will be able to watch those films on their VOD, starting on October 23 with Whose Dog Am I? and 5 Dreamers and a Horse.

In addition to the planned online screenings of films from their catalogue, KineDok has decided to expand their VOD with brand new documentary films. Each month two selected films will be available online for free, you will need a voucher to watch them, which you can request at during that period. The films will be available from any KineDok partner country (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary and Georgia).

The dates of the available documentary films are scheduled as follows, KineDok will introduce specific films in phases, so keep an eye on their communication channels.

October 23. 10. - 5. 11. 2023
November 20. 11. - 3. 12. 2023
December 18. 12. - 31. 12. 2023
January 22. 1. - 4. 2. 2024
February 19. 2. - 3. 3. 2024
March 18. - 31. 3. 2024

For October, they have selected the documentary satire Whose Dog Am I?, in which the dog breading ideologies are metaphors for human national and social politics, as well as 5 Dreamers and a Horse, in which contrasting visions of Armenia are brilliantly sketched out through four protagonists. Both films can be accesed from 23 October.

5 DREAMERS AND A HORSE (Vahagn Khachatryan, Aren Malakyan, 2022, Armenia, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Georgia)
Through four protagonists aspiring to fulfil their dreams, three contrasting visions of Armenia are sketched out: there is the lift operator in a hospital, a kind of remnant of urban Sovietism, who wants to travel into space; the farmer in search of a perfect wife, revealing a rural social structure that is still dominated by the patriarchy; and finally, the young feminist and queer girls, who simply want to live their lives, enamoured with emancipation and symbolising the infiltration of Western societal changes, which are also bitterly contested on this side of the Ararat.

WHOSE DOG AM I? (Robert Lakatos, 2022, Hungary , Romania)
The director of the film, member of the Hungarian minority from Romania (in the region of Transylvania), while searching for the perfect “bride” for his pure-breed Hungarian Kuvasz (his alter-ego), gets involved in dog breeding politics. During the story he gets under the influence of different ideologies, but because of his social sensitivity, he gets disappointed by all the ideologies - so he fails as a dog politician. But his hope for a better, normal and decent life never dies, and he always finds a new idea… Whose Dog Am I? speaks in a humorous way about serious social and political issues.

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