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3. 11. 2023

Author: Anna Jurková

Alternative distribution project KineDok's season is in full swing, with a network of venues in 6 countries screening the current collection. Check out the trailer of the available films!

KineDok currently operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Georgia. Explore the programme on the website and catch a screening in alternative non-cinema spaces such as galleries, cafés or museums. 

And if you are from these countries and own or know of an interesting venue where KineDok films could be screened, don't hesitate to get in touch!

All Ends Well (director: Miroslav Janek, 79 mins., Czech Republic, 2022)
Imagine a world without bees. Would it be healthy? Would it still exist at all? And what would the world look like without people? Contemplation on the importance of an irreplaceable microcosm, through which we are able to even define ourselves. A spiritual reflection on how bees can teach us and lead us back to nature – just open your eyes.

Pongo Calling (director: Tomáš Kratochvíl, 78 mins., Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, 2022)
Miloš Zeman has said a lot of controversial, often offensive "bon mots" that people have tended to define themselves against. One of them was addressed to Romani people who are supposedly afraid to work. One of those people was Štefan Pongo. He was a truck driver, a family man, and an activist who openly opposed Zeman.

White on White (director: Viera Čákanyová, 74 mins., Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2020)
Reflections of the filmmaker of the FREM movie about the human life in the surroundings of the non-human frozen landscape of Antarctica, artificial intelligence and a few people. An unique look at everyday life and thoughts in moments when human civilization may seem marginal and distant, but its effects are still visible.

At Full Throttle (director: Miro Remo, 85 mins., Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2021)
The crisis of masculinity is driving the 21st century. Many men are asking themselves how they are to live up to the patterns of behaviour they were brought up with when the world around them is overflowing with feminism. Just ask Jarda, who fulfils his dreams of fast bikes and car racing through his partner Jitka...

KIM (director: Erika Kapronczai, 87 mins., Hungary, 2022)
Director Erika Kapronczai presents the story of Belgian-Hungarian artist Kim Corbisier as a mosaic full of pain and beauty. The film invites you to see into the heart of an artist who, despite her personal trials, left an indelible mark on the art world before her sudden death.

Holy Dilemma (director: Julianna Ugrin, Márton Vízkelety, 81 mins., Hungary, 2022)
Hungarian Catholic priest Róbert Pólgar has to choose between his mission and his personal life. Roman Catholic priests must live a celibate life. However, violating this rule is not unique and many priests have families with children, which they hide from their faithful. Robi, as he is nicknamed, is very popular in his village, so he faces a difficult decision.

Bigger Than Trauma (director: Vedrana Pribačić, 90 mins., Croatia, 2022)
War conflicts trigger PTSD not only in soldiers in combat. Some traumas are caused by another weapon of war – sexual violence, whether perpetrated by occupiers or old acquaintances. The documentary follows the group therapy of several Croatian and Serbian women processing their old wounds and grievances. (AFO)

Museum of The Revolution (director: Srđan Keča, 91 mins., Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, 2021)
"In the night the wind woke up and blew away all our plans." The proverb at the beginning of the film captures not only the unfinished construction of the titular museum, but also the fate of the homeless and futureless people who now inhabit the unrealised socialist dream of the 1960s. The question arises - how to cope with the collapse of life's dreams and ideals?

Too Close (director: Botond Püsök, 85 mins., Romania, Hungary, 2022)
What do you do when, through no fault of your own, you become an outcast in your own home? This is exactly the situation that Andrea, her daughter and her son have found themselves in due to the return of an abusive ex-boyfriend back to the neighbourhood. How do you convince unbelieving neighbors who is the victim and who is the predator?

Eagles from Țaga (director: Iulian Manuel Ghervas, Adina Popescu, 74 mins., Romania, Slovakia, 2022)
Every Sunday, Mr. Nelu, 87, travels to the old, bumpy pitch in the Romanian village of Taga to prepare it for a match his team is likely to lose. The football club Vulturii din Țaga has never managed to get out of the lowest Romanian league and regularly finishes in the bottom half. However, Nelu has not given up and is still trying to raise money and find players who could break the curse.

Atonal glow (director: Alexander Koridze, 67 mins., Georgia, 2021)
Ten-year-old Tsotne Zedginidze is a talented pianist and composer from Georgia. The film offers not only a musical performance by the talented boy, but also a glimpse into his life, the environment he grows up in and his relationship with his grandmother Nina. She not only takes care of raising Tsotne and his sister, but also teaches him the piano and acts as his manager.

Ana's Trial (director: Mariam Jachvadze, Tamara Mshvenieradze, 43 mins., Georgia, 2022)
What is it like to fight for women's rights in a male-dominated world? Georgian lawyer and human rights activist Ana Abashidze knows all about it. Throughout her career, she has won dozens of cases that have set precedents in the Georgian legal system. But now she is facing something that may affect her future. She has decided to run for the post of ombudsman.

The Northeast Winds (director: Nikoloz Bezhanishvili, 94 mins., Georgia, 2022)
Was the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical catastrophe, as Vladimir Putin put it? A group of residents of the Georgian town of Gori, Stalin's birthplace, think so. The former Soviet dictator is also their biggest idol and they are fighting for the return of his statue to the city centre.

Everything's Fine, Potatoes in Line (Piotr Jasiński)
Aralkum (Daniel Asadi Faezi, Mila Zhluktenko)
The Crossing (Tereza Plavecká)
Chemkids (Julius Gintaras Blum)
Serpentis (Sarah Lomenová)
Urban Jungle – Die Zimmerpflanze nimmt Platz! (r. Celia Regina Ibáñez Lamuño)

Love, Dad (Diana Cam Van Nguyen)
Apparthegeist (Marie Magdalena Kochová)
PRATUR: Znovuzrození (Ludmila Cimbůrková)
Woman Is the Neck (Širín Nafariehová)

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