Online screening + discussion: The Northeast Winds

5. 3. 2024

Author: Anna Jurková

KineDok's last online event is here. Watch the film about how the removal of the statue of Joseph Stalin is a great shame for some residents of Gori. It's available from March 6-12 for free on and there will also be a discussion on March 11 on KineDok International's Facebook page.

THE NORTHEAST WINDS (Nikoloz Bezhanishvili, 2021, Georgia)
Was the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical catastrophe, as Vladimir Putin put it? A group of residents of the Georgian town of Gori, Stalin's birthplace, think so. The former Soviet dictator is also their biggest idol and they are fighting for the return of his statue to the city centre.

DISCUSSION: What is it like to live in a post-soviet country?
On Monday, March 11, a panel discussion titled What is it like to live in a post-soviet country? (in English) will be held at 7 PM (GMT+1) on KineDok International's Facebook page and on our YouTube channel @instituteofdocumentaryfilm7825. We will introduce the guests of the discussion soon.

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