The most successful East Silver Caravan Members are Mallory and Cinema, Mon Amour

4. 10. 2016

Author: Filip Šebek

Documentary films from the CEE region, supported by Institute of Documentary Film, are regularly screened at international film festivals also thanks to the East Silver Caravan project. There will be a chance to watch them within the East Silver video library during Jihlava IDFF.

“In 2016 alone,121 screenings of documentaries from the ES Caravan took place at international film festivals already, which is a 10% growth compared to the 2015 edition. So far the Caravan consists of 14 titles for 2016, but they will be joined by those selected from East Silver Market in October," says the East Silver Caravan Coordinator, Tomáš Ledvina. Among the recent members there are for example COOLTOUR by the talented Slovak documentarist Miro Remo, Pulse by Danish director Robin Petré, or Two Worlds by Maciej Adamek from Poland. The stars of the 2016 edition so far are the titles Mallory by Helena Třeštíková that made it to the programmes of 13 important festivals and Cinema, Mon Amour, which was screened at 12 festivals. 
The East Silver Caravan project also serves as a tool of reference on the CEE documentary scene for festival programmers, as it makes an effort to meet their needs and recommend films according to the specific thematic keys.
“These days, the documentaries selected for East Silver Caravan are being sent to more than 120 competition sections of important film festivals, but as we are focusing on the tailored strategy, we are choosing them from a list of more than 400 festivals every year,” adds Tomáš Ledvina.

These are just some of the joyful news for the Caravan members from the recent times:  Documentary Rough Stage was announced the best Estonian documentary at the Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, which also awarded the documentary Five Lives. The Polish film End of the World succeeded at Tirana International Documentary Film Festival in the middle-length category; another Polish title, Snails, former Silver Eye winner, got the Audience Award at Go Short in Netherlands and the Czech documentary Always together was awarded for the best editing at Wales International Documentary Festival. You can check the complete list of documentaries travelling with ES Caravan here.

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