KineDok First Screens Conference 2017

28. 2. 2017

Author: Jana Ripplová

Since its beginning in 2015, KineDok has grown into a unique network for alternative distribution of creative docs in Europe. Originally operating in five countries in 2015, KineDok spread to Norway and Poland and in 2017 is starting in Bulgaria too. But the whole network shouldn’t only serve to help the circulation of documentary films, but also to share the know-how. That’s why the East Doc Platform will host the KineDok First Screens Conference, which will discuss possibilities of professional exchange of social and current issues orientated documentary films made by young filmmakers. The aim is to extend and strengthen connection between film schools in different European countries and encourage young filmmakers to think about distribution outside the box.

Based on the outcomes of KineDok 2-day Conference on Alternative Distribution in March 2016, supported by CEI, “KineDok First Screens” event is a natural and necessary step towards developing innovative documentary film distribution by engaging youth. As stated in final report of Conference 2016 it becomes more and more clear that innovative distribution's endeavours should be strengthened and backed up by supporting film literacy initiatives starting already with students at schools.

The 2-day conference and workshop will take place on March 9 and 10, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic, following the program of East Doc Platform and will host 16 participants (film school students and young filmmakers) from CEI countries. The aim of the KineDok conference is to find a way how to forward know-how on the alternative DIY distribution, to bring films by young filmmakers to the public regionally and internationally by establishing the KineDok cooperation young filmmakers group. The participants will attend lectures of international film professionals and participate in workshops based on case studies of renowned filmmakers.

The activity will discuss new possibilities of transfer of practical knowledge to film school students who express a lack of practical experience. The conference thematically wants to find a way to inspire the students in initiating their own projects which will serve the international film culture to develop, grow and sustain itself by bringing cultural value over the borders.

In an international context the “KineDok First Screens - Conference and Workshop” has all attributes to become the starting point for cultural and professional exchange of social and current issues orientated documentary films made by young filmmakers that will provoke an intercultural dialogue, strengthen connection between student filmmakers from film schools in different European countries and initiate new distribution movements based on KineDok distribution model focusing on young filmmakers and their creative documentaries.

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