KineDok tours Czech cinemas

17. 10. 2017

Author: Ivona Remundová, Marta Jallageas

In 2015, the Institute of Documentary Film expanded its activities to include KineDok – an international alternative distribution platform. For three years, KineDok has been bringing some of the best documentary films to eight European countries, including the Czech Republic, along with post-screening discussions on issues raised by the films. Following the screenings at unconventional venues, such as cafés, clubs or low-threshold treatment centres, KineDok now tours cinemas across the country.

“Each year, there are new compelling Czech documentaries that often lack distribution support. Reaching Czech viewers would otherwise be very difficult for them but they deal with very important issues and we believe that they will find their audience,” explains Ivona Remundová, KineDok Coordinator.

Two films by young Czech filmmakers have been selected for the screenings, both incisive reflections on major current and historical issues. Epidemic of Freedom – a documentary film about the compulsory vaccination policy, a topic that keeps stirring up emotions in Czech society. The film is not preachy or alarmist but simply shows the perspective of parents who try to navigate the forbidden path. Guests include the filmmakers Tereza Reichová and Hynek Štětka Reich, attorney Zuzana Candigliota, physicians and other experts directly involved with the issue.

The other one is The Czech Way, a documentary probe of the 1990s and Czech economic transition that up until now seems to be shrouded in secrecy. Who made the decision on the voucher privatisation and under what circumstances? Who profited from it and what are the repercussions of the 90s political decisions? A post-screening discussion will be attended by Petr Pithart, a Charter 77 signatory and former prime minister (1990-92). Guests include the filmmaker Martin Kohout and economist Ilona Švihlíková, among others.

On October 19, Bio Central in Hradec Králové will be the first stop in KineDok’s tour featuring these two outstanding Czech documentaries. The screening will be attended by Petr Pithart and Martin Kohout. KineDok will then go on to other cities and allow audiences to enhance their viewing experience by talking to interesting guests related to the films.

For a full list of documentaries and venues in the KineDok selection, please visit

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