East Silver Caravan Award for two works in progress at Beldocs

11. 5. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

East Silver Caravan Award fort the best work in progress has been given for the first time at Beldocs. Simon Mozgovyi received the award for his project Salt from Bonneville and Filip Martinović for his Telenovela: Grey-Scale in Color.

East Silver Caravan Award has been be granted at the Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival 2019 by the Institute of Documentary Film to the best pitched feature length documentary projects with high international potential. Selected projects will receive support with distribution strategy and upon its completion will be a part of the East Silver Caravan for 1 year. East Silver Caravan is curated collection of Central and East European creative documentaries, a promotional tool for supporting the festival distribution, which brings the best documentaries from the CEE territory to the international audience.

Salt from Boneville (dir. Simon Mozgovyi, prod. Anton Khilman, UK, GE, NL, PL)
The story of this adventure drama is about two guys from Ukraine and an old Soviet bike, who set an ambitious goal to beat the world speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.

Telenovela: Grey-Scale in Color (dir. Filip Martinović, prod. Nikola Savićević, RS)
Filip is traveling between Serbia and Catalonia looking for his identity. During which a casting call is held in Serbia for a Latino TV soap opera, that will show the special connection between these two cultures.

Telenovela: Grey-scale in Color has also received Beldocs In Progress Award for Full Sound Post-production.

See the list of all the awarded projects here (in Serbian).

Open to: Creative documentaries from the region of Central and Eastern Europe, tackling contemporary topics, challenging genre and media boundaries and audience participation. We welcome films that set out to conduct intense and engaged experiences and to change the way we think about topical issues, audiences, ways of storytelling and the world itself.

East Silver is the first documentary market which supports producers and distributors from Central and East Europe. Each year, about 300 films from more than 29 countries are included in the market. The 15th edition of the East Silver Market take place at the 22nd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in October 24 – 29, 2019, Jihlava, Czech Republic. East Silver Market is open for completed documentaries produced/co-produced in the region of Central and Eastern Europe after September 1, 2018. Only films that have not been
previously submitted for East Silver market are eligible. Submission deadline for films produced in 2019: May 31, 2019 // for projects in rough cut stage: July 31, 2019

Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) has been supporting creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe since 2001. IDF provides both emerging and experienced filmmakers with training, financing, networking and pitching opportunities, helps them get international attention and co-productions, rewards the exceptional
projects with Awards and further opportunities and improves their orientation on the international market. The promotional and practical service of IDF includes a wide range of online and offline catalogues being created annually, updating a thorough database of CEE documentaries and professionals and a calendar of important deadlines for producers, and bringing news from the world of documentary film in general via dokweb.net and social media. To the audience of documentary enthusiasts, IDF also brings a rich programme of lectures,
presentations and screenings in their home regions or during IDF’s industry events.

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