My Unknown Soldier and other East Silver Caravan documentaries at festivals

19. 8. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

How does it feel to become an occupier without your own intentions? Director Anna Kryvenko tries to find an answer to this question in her personal documentary My Unknown Solder. The film will have a Greek premiere on August 29 at Beyond Borders IDF.

The Good Death by Tomáš Krupa had an Asian premiere at EBS International Documentary Festival festival in South Korea. The film will be aired on the national television. American premiere at Montgomery IFF was followed by a discussion with Simon Convey, who is one of the film's protagonists and son of Janette. The director Krupa closely observed terminally ill Janette and her departure from the UK to Switzerland as she opts for physician-assisted suicide.

In her film How Big is the Galaxy? the director Ksenia Elyan follows with her camera every day life of 7-year-old Zakhar, his older brother and their parents in Siberian tundra. The film will be screened at Russian festivals Message to Man in Saint Petersburg, at Flahertiana in Perm and at Russian-Finnish Barents Ecology Film Festival. This festival will also screent Greta Stocklassa's Kiruna - A Brand New World about the relocation of Sweden's most northerly town and everyday drama's of the locals. Read the interview with Greta Stocklassa.

Darina Barinova's The Potato Eaters bring the viewers to a Russian village where families live on the brink of poverty and remind us Potato Eaters from Van Gogh's famous painting. The film will be screened at Message to Man and it was recently part of First-Time Filmmakers Showcase, the platform for helping young filmmakers quarterly from around the world at Brittish Pinewood Studios.

Aljona Surzhikova's very personal story in Waiting for a Miracle will be screened at Évora International Short-Film Festival in Portugal. 

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