East Silver Caravan at festivals

27. 11. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Waiting for a Miracle, My Unknown Soldier, The Good Death and The Last Ice Hunters had screenings at various festivals during November 2019. Home Games will be screened at Cinema Vérité Tehran (December 9–16, 2019). Read also about the success of Ksenia Elyan's How Big Is the Galaxy?

My Unknown Soldier had the French premiere at LES 12ème RENCONTRES DU CINÉMA SLOVAQUE ET DE L’EUROPE CENTRALE. The film was part of the competition and director Anna Kryvenko was present at the screening. Latvian cinema and TV premiere happened thanks to film's producer Sergei Serpuhov and his Baltic Pine Films.

Waiting for a Miracle by Aljona Surzhikova had an Estonian premiere at PÖFF Tallinn and Asiana International Short Film Festival in Seoul, Korea included the film in the programme as well. The film will be screened at Sound & Image Challenge International Festival in Macau, China, in December.

The Good Death by Tomáš Krupa was screened on November 17 at Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival.

The Last Ice Hunters (dir. Rožle Bregar, Jure Breceljnik) were screened at Cinématerre in France.

Alisa Kovalenko's film Home Games will be screened at Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinema Vérité (December 9–16).

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