Projects selected for Project Market 2016

15. 1. 2016

Author: Barbora Holková

The jury of professionals has spent the past few weeks with an uneasy task to select the best of the Central European and East European documentary projects that applied for Project Market. Let us introduce the 16 successful projects, whose directors and producers will take part in this event, that can bring essential future co-operations and support to the participants. One-on-one meetings will be pre-arranged for them with important decission makers and other renowned documentary professionals. These projects will also get the chance to complete for several awards that will be handed in within East Doc Platform.
Congratulations to all selected projects and their teams and we are looking forward to seeing you in March in Prague!  

1. Borders (dir. & prod. Ionut Piturescu, prod. Patricia Drati, Irina Malcea; DK, RO)
2. The City is For All (Laszló Bihari; DOCDAYS Productions; HU, DE)
3. Delta (Oleksandr Techynskyi; Honest Fish Documentary Stories; UA, DE)
4. Faith (Jens Loftager; Fenris Film & Multimedia; DK, SE, LT)
5. Film For My Mum (Jakub Piątek; Endorfina Studio; PL)
6. FC Roma (Tomáš Bojar, Rozálie Kohoutová; nutprodukce; CZ)
7. Olga go home or "Siberian love" (Olga Delane; doppelplusultra; DE)
8. Good Afternoon, Dear Aunt! (Jūratė Samulionytė, Vilma Samulionyte; Tremora, dagstarfilm; LT, DE)
9. Runners ( Łukasz Borowski; Wajda Studio; PL)
10. Through the Forest (Robert Kirchhoff; Hitchhiker Cinema; SK, CZ)
11. The Labudović Files (dir. & prod. Mila Turajlic; RS, DZ)
12. Russian Viewfinders (Alexander Abaturov; FR)
13. Dionis' Museum (Ilija Cvetkovski, Atanas Georgiev; Trice Films; MK)
14. A Mountain To Climb (Jette Bitten Glibstrup; Walenciak Film; DK)
15. Border Cut (Igor Chojna; Sireal Films, Lava Films; DE, PL)
16. Fugue (Artemio Benki; Artcam; CZ, AR, FR)

You will soon find the synopsises and stills of the selected projects here.

The next submission opportunity and deadline within IDF calendar is May 4, 2016 for Ex Oriente Film workshop. 
More information on Ex Oriente Film 2016 workshop are available on our website here.

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