Two Czech Films at CPH:DOX

4. 3. 2020

Author: Veronika Zýková

The prestigious documentary film festival CPH:DOX (March 18–29) has included two Czech films in the programme: Caught in the Net by Vít Klusák and Barbora Chalupová in the Main Competition and Pavel Štingl's A Sarcophagus for a Queen in the Greatest Hits section.

Caught in the Net, which will have a World Premiere at CPH:DOX, is one of the most successful Czech films, with over 111 000 spectators in the cinemas during the first week (the number is 179 139 on March 5). Klusák and Chalupová decided to delve deep into the controversial and tabooed topic sexual harassment of children online. The project got the attention of the international audience of decision-makers during the East Doc Forum pitching at East Doc Platform 2019. Klusák and Chalupová casted three young girls over the age of 18 to appear as 12-year-olds on the internet, and create three realistic children's rooms in a film studio, with psychologists and experts waiting in the wings of the film set, and with the girls placed in front of a computer each. As soon as they are logged on the social media, it starts pouring in. In just 10 days, almost 2500 flashers and child molesters try to get the girls to take off their clothes over the webcam, to blackmail them, or to meet them in real life.
The film is produced by Hypermarket Film and co-produced by Česká televize, RTVS, Peter Kerekes Film and Helium FIlm.

Caught in the Net – CPH:DOX Screenings
22/3  17:15 Empire (+ Q&A)
25/3  17:00 Aveny-T (+ extensive CPH:MEETINGS debate)
26/3  12:00 Cinemateket Asta
27/3  19:00 Vester Vov Vov Blå sal

Another Czech documentary, A Sarcophagus for a Queen, will have an International Premiere in Copenhagen. The film captures a demanding artistic process starting at a point where the famous Danish sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard is invited to design a tombstone for Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. Nørgaard designs a sarcophagus made of several tonnes of glass, which a team of Czech glass artisans are tasked with making. But even for some of the world's best craftspeople, this is a task that pushes their abilities to the limit, before the sarcophagus is ready to be installed in Roskilde Cathedral. We look over their shoulders, as the process is described with great respect for both the craftsmanship, the artistic vision and the regent couple. The film is a co-production of K2, Czech Television, and Studio Lhotský, with support from the Czech Film Fund. The previous film by the director Pavel Štingl, Eugenic Minds, about the selective human breeding during WWII, was part of East Silver Caravan 2013.

A Sarcophagus for a Queen – CPH:DOX Screenings
21/3  14:00 Charlottenborg Social Cinema (+ Q&A)
25/3  17:00 Gloria
28/3  13:00 Dagmar sal 2

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