Panel discussion: Filming in the Time of Corona

2. 11. 2020

Author: Veronika Zýková

Join our online discussion Filming in the Time of Corona live on our Facebook page, on Wednesday, November 4, at 6 pm (CET / Prague time). Producers Ada Solomon, Vanja Jambrović and Christian Popp will join the discussion moderated by Brigid O'Shea (DOK Industry, DAE).

As many countries are in the second lockdown, we bring you the second online discussion from the IDF Industry Sessions series that will continue throughout the year. The experience of many people during the pandemic of Covid-19 proved that we cannot live without art, especially fiction and documentary films and series that we watch online almost every day. But what about the people who produce these films, what is their experience during the pandemic. What challenges have they been facing during film production and post-production? What ethical questions they had to answer? Were they ready for such unpredictable and long lasting development of the pandemic? And did it bring any positive and new ideas into their projects?

These will be some of the topics discussed by internationally renowned producers Ada Solomon, Christian Popp and Vanja Jambrović. The discussion will be moderated by Brigid O'Shea, a head of DOK lndustry at DOK Leipzig and co-founder of the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE).

The live stream will start at 6 pm (CET) directly in our Facebook event and on our Facebook page.

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